Trying a new style of chibi so it’s a bit easier for me to work with. Always try on paper first and then try on tablet I think. Hope this works for me. Wish me luck guys. Here’s mine and Sumi’s oc’s being cute.

Hey guys I can do my art style now! Wasn’t expecting to do so good but yep gonna work my butt off now XD Sorry if I seem a little excited but after the last couple of days being in a slump I’m happy to be able to do this. 

Drew mine and my friend Sumi’s OC’s to start off with. I’m in the groove now lol.

Sailor Mercury! So happy with her. I’ve been in a slump the last couple days because everything wasn’t working for me. So I tried again and YAY!

Drew a surprise for my friend Ray-chan! I hope you like it love. Consider this your very very late birthday gift from me. Happy very belated birthday love!

Yay first chibi completed! I was in the mood to draw some Evangelion and since I love how Asuka’s outfit was in the 3.0 I had to draw it. Tablet success XD Kind of lol.

Thought I’d draw my oc Nibi and say hi. :)

Getting a bit further with it. She’s colored in and now I just need to decide if I want the full moon or a crescent moon. I’m really happy with it so far but it’s time to  take a break for a bit and give my wrist a rest. 

(starts singing random things)

Oh my cotton candy baby, 

How happy you’ve made me,

Bringing light into a dark world, 

How I wish that you could see me, 

And fly me out to that rainbow world. 

(Just finished this cutie up. I had a lot of fun drawing her.Off to draw more cute things XD )

Finally started making Sailor Moon wallets.  These are the first ones I finished. I love playing with duck tape XD.

My new character Raiser. She’s captain of a female pirate crew. Still working on the rest of her story.

Attempt at wind blown hair. Riku is my test subject now XD

This is Misorin. He’s an old character that I made in I think seventh grade for a comic my friend Leefuu and I did. Though I still haven’t found the book we had it in, she’ll kill me for that..oh well. He was my sweet fox boy who fell for Leefuu’s character Heero. He was originally a girl but I changed it cause I was having so many issues drawing girls back then. Maybe I’ll draw some of the other characters from that comic, glad I have a good memory of them. 

Drawing random characters tonight and I just finished her design. It’s me just in pretty badass form  XD I wanted something simple and not too much for my outfit.

I drew my OC Riku for my first attempt at doing a chibi on my bamboo tablet. It’s not done of course but I’m pretty happy so far with the result so far. I’ll work on it more tomorrow. Lol can’t even write my name on here XD.